Dear Jim
Won't you please fix it for me?

[Jim Moriarty from Sherlock BBC, RP Blog. ]

one final act

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"…Care to explain why I was thrown
     into the back of a van, blindfolded
     and tied to a chair?

I may not be human, but this is not
a proper welcoming on Midgard

      ” I thought it might be fun. “

      A lie, he does that a lot, but really in
        the end he did just think tossing her
        in the back of a van would be very

      So maybe not really a lie.

     here is the truth of your existence ;

                    -  you are a  M O N S T E R
                    -  you are ( poιѕoɴ )
                    -  & everyone you have ever loved
                                                               will D I E !!!

                                    ( you are the flood that wiped out humanity. )

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Andrew Scott at the UK premiere of Pride

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  My   r  e  a  c  h   is  Global

                                              My tower 
                                                            S e c u r e

        My  c a u s e  is   Noble

                                                            My power is

                                                                                    P u r e



     It’s less playing and more violent screeching.


   " — That sound.  Goodness, Sherlock, I’ve heard you play.

I find myself in the unusual position of recommending a verdict wholeheartedly. You must find him guilty.


  —- The tea is lovely.